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Group and Individual Italian Language Classes For All Ages
One cannot truly know and appreciate the culture of another country without first understanding its language...language is culture.  In our classes we try to create a "piece of Italy"...the tastes...scents... make students feel the Italian language...Italian atmosphere...where conversation and learning are combined with the simple cultural pleasures of Italy.

Il Salotto Italiano - San Francisco
San Francisco, California


Some people prefer the flexibility and "one on one" attention offered with private lessons. The private lessons are designed to determine your Italian language skill and comfort level and to help you identify your language goals. We then develop a study plan to help you to reach your goals, at your own pace.


Group lessons provide a different "dynamic" for learning a foreign language and the cost for lessons is less. For these and other reasons many of our students prefer to study in groups. In general, we maintain small class sizes, especially the conversation classes. Groups are organized so as to match people of similar skill levels. The group approach has also proven to be a good way to meet other people who share a passion for the Italian language in a warm Italian environment.
Ciao Amici!

I am now the Director of the Italingua Institute - The School of Italian Language & Culture.  Italingua is an outstanding Italian language school located in the heart of downtown San Francisco as well as in the East Bay in Berkeley. The school offers a complete selection of Italian language and cultural courses and workshops, group classes and individual private lessons. "Il Salotto's," courses, our approach, and enthusiasm will be integrated into Italingua

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ItaLingua Institute - School of Italian Language and Culture
870 Market Street, Suite 708
San Francisco, CA 94102
Phone (415) 362-6025
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Classes are put together with the students' needs and goals in mind which, in general, are to learn to carry on a conversation in Italian. Our students are eager to use the language. Students who study the language should then be able to speak it during the day and understand what is being said to them. Emphasis is placed on building vocabulary and confidence.


Your appreciation, grasp, and enjoyment of Italian can be greatly enhanced and your conversational skills and vocabulary will be improved through the practice of reading and writing.


Pronunciation is important in speaking any language. We emphasize proper pronunciation by identifying the sounds that English and Italian have in common, by using drills, and through mouth and tongue exercises. Grammar is simply the principles or rules of a language. A basic understanding of the rules of a language is essential if you want to "speak it with the natives."


This is a special course for travelers. Italian for travelers must be simple and yet must prepare the students for the situations and challenges that they will face as tourists, e.g., shopping, restaurants, hotels, directions, transportation. We work to develop knowledge of those words and phrases that will be needed on your trip and how to understand the replies you will get from your Italian listeners. The objective is to give you direct and usable speaking ability and confidence without overemphasizing grammar.


In order to learn a foreign language, one should be exposed to it in all of its forms.  In an attempt to create an "immersion environment," we incorporate into our teaching: Italian television, films, magazines, newspapers, literature, opera, and popular music.


In general, language lessons are held in our San Francisco facility but they can be arranged to be held in your home or office. Flexibility and the needs and desires of the student are stressed in our "custom" approach to structuring lessons.



For opera fans, these classes will enhance your understanding of one of your favorite loves. We "open the window" to this important aspect of Italian culture by studying and analyzing the words and language of the songs, as well as the stories and characters from selected Italian operas.


From time to time Il Salotto Italiano hosts informal social and cultural gatherings. These evenings are perfect opportunities to practice your Italian, watch Italian television and films, meet and speak with native speakers for some relaxed dinner conversation...and to of course enjoy un po' di vino.


The subject matter of this workshop "cucina" We explore the typical cuisine of certain regions of Italy. We also cook...and talk...and laugh...all in Italian

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Schedule of lessons and classes

Francesca Gaspari
Sono Francesca, un'italiana di Bergamo...a medieval town in northern Italy with a fascinating historic center...enclosed by Venetian walls...the city of Gaetano Donizetti, Lorenzo Lotto, Colleoni and Trussardi. I now live in San Francisco and have been teaching the Italian language to people of all ages since I arrived in 1986. 

If you would like to sign up for a class or for more information, simply call or send us an e-mail.

"Open my heart, and you will see graved inside of it 'Italy.'"-- Robert Browning

Il Salotto Italiano - San Francisco
San Francisco, California
Phone (415) 362-6025

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